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Abacus Data Analyzer (ADA)

Put your data in the right form with the business intelligence tool Abacus Data Analyzer to be able to make good decisions.

Features of Abacus Data Analyzer

  • Data extract via AbaReport matrix reports

    • Visualize data graphically in dashboards

    • Tool with direct preview

  • Integrated DataWareHouse

    • Consideration of Abacus access protection

    • Hyperlink options directly into the programs

    • online data

  • Integrate dashboards into MyAbacus

    • Share dashboards with employees via MyAbacus.

sharing platform deepV

Cloud-based sharing and publishing platform for your data. Data can be prepared in multiple dimensions and the contents of the dashboard can be shared using a link. In addition, the dashboards can be operated interactively and limited in time as required.


Sample dashboards in Abacus Data Analyzer (ADA)

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