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Abacus Business Software from the RSC cloud

Does your business need professional financial software?

With us you use the Abacus software - simple, uncomplicated and fast

With AbaWeb, you can use the proven Abacus software online without having to install and license yourself. You select the desired applications and functions for each user, which are activated in the form of predefined AbaWeb subscriptions.

We open and parameterize your Abacus database for you, easily and inexpensively, and activate access. No contract or commitment is necessary. Each AbaWeb subscription can be deactivated at the end of the month. The data or We can make the Abacus database available to you at any time if required.

You will receive professional advice and support from us based on many years of experience with the Abacus software, coupled with fiduciary know-how. We would be happy to give you instructions, training, tips and tricks so that you can handle your internal accounting processes as efficiently as possible.


  • Calculable costs

  • Always the latest version of the Abacus software

  • Constant availability of your data via web browser

  • Backup of your data is guaranteed

  • Data storage in the Swiss cloud of Microsoft Azure (Switzerland North)

  • Secure login via web browser and 2-factor authentication (MFA)

  • Individual support for your software solution

Possible areas of application

  • Financial Accounting, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable,
    Electronic banking, asset accounting

  • Payroll, Human Resources

  • time tracking

  • CRM (address management)

  • billing

  • project management

  • Portal MyAbacus for e.g. reporting, dashboards, time recording, creditor visa control, employee dossier (pay slips etc.)

  • Expense process via mobile app AbaCliK

  • AbaNinja Link to Abacus financial accounting

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